Here are a few of Ross Becker TvNewsMentor success stories. Take a moment and find out why you should team up with one of the best coaches in the business.

Trying to explain Ross’ influence on my life is next to impossible.

Its through his mentorship that I found journalism and fell in love with the idea of being a storyteller. Simply put I am where I am today because of Ross Becker. He’s been a constant teacher since I met him in my teens–from helping me learn how to run a high school paper to launching my career in television–he’s been there very step of the way with advice, feedback, and the prospective that only comes from being one of the finest newsmen in the country for more than twenty years.

He helped me put my resume tape together, he’s been a reference, a reminder to be patient when the job offers were slow to come, once I got hired (in Colorado Springs first and then San Diego) he was the first to congratulate me, and the first to offer to look at tapes of my work. And when Ross critiques your work, you walk away with things to think about. I’ve posted an email from him that is now probably two years old…it sits on my desk as a reminder of things he suggested might help me improve and a reminder that there’s always room to get better.

Having an Emmy award winning reporter/anchor available basically whenever I needed advice has helped me navigate this business from the job search to presentation to office politics. Ross knows TV News. His passion for journalism is matched only by his passion to teach it.

To me Ross is more than a mentor, he’s a friend, a role model, a father figure (though I know he’d prefer older brother model). If with this his help I end up as half the journalist he is then I’m very lucky.

Ross Becker’s advice, mentorship, and friendship is a god send. You will learn more from this man than you will in any college class and most small market newsrooms. One can’t put a price tag on experience, passion and integrity. He has all of them and loves to share.


Kris Van Cleave
CBS News New York




He made me believe in myself!
And this was no random act of kindness.
That’s how he is!
Ross restored my faith in the phrase… “good things happen to good people.”
Ross Becker is good people!
Not to mention the best journalist… I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting!
Ross challenges me!
I’m very, very lucky!


Wendy Halloran  Salt Lake City


Ross is an amazing mentor.  He has helped me become a better story teller.
He has also given me tips on writing in a more conversational fashion and given me more confidence on the anchor desk.  He has pushed me to become a better reporter and anchor.  It is a very rewarding experience to work with Ross. He is a coach and mentor I look up to.  Even after your session ends, he is there for you any time!

Jade Bulecza Anchor Nexstar Jackson, Mississippi



 I’ve been fortunate to call Ross Becker a teacher and mentor for more than a decade. I met Ross while I was a then struggling career-changer trying to transition into my dream of becoming a TV newsperson. He has always been quick to give of himself, his experiences, and his career advice. Whether I’ve called for advice on how to interview an Obama official (just minutes from that interview), to questions about that “next job,” he’s always made himself available and sounded happy to help. I’ve also witnessed Ross helping countless other students. He is always quick to discuss, dissect and put his own career out in full view so that students might learn and grow. What makes Ross stand above is not just that long and distinguished career as someone who has spent decades in the trenches, but his willingness to humbly teach those who seek knowledge and generously help others reach their dreams. I recommend Ross Becker without hesitation to you.

Alec Schreck


Ross is a natural newsroom leader. It’s rare to find someone who’s been in the spotlight of big market television who can then turn around to guide up-and-coming talent along with more seasoned newsroom veterans. He’s got the chops, the insight and the experience to stay cool under pressure and tell the story that needs to be told. Ross is also a genuinely nice guy who is easy to work and get along with. He’s the real deal!

Mike Everett, NBC Seattle Meteorologist


I am lucky to not only consider Ross Becker a dear friend, but someone I respect to the utmost degree. He knows his stuff when it comes to news. He’s kind, approachable, and a mentor in every sense of the word. He’s someone you want in your corner.

Claudette Stefanian
Freelance Journalist Los Angeles


“Ross Becker is a seasoned pro who truly knows what he’s talking about and helped me with my confidence and “on camera presence” through just a handful of meetings. Ross’s attention to detail and ability to help an anchor find what makes him or her comfortable are what makes Ross one of the best in the business. ”

Mike Mahoney
Main Anchor WMDT-TV Salisbury, Maryland